Wednesday, 14 March 2018

watching the skytower and 101 building at taiwan

Watching the Sky Tower and 101 building at Taiwan

11:50 I was at the Auckland City to watch the fireworks fire from
the Sky Tower. When the Sky Tower lit up with fireworks it was
amazing, there was 15,000 people there. I was so squashed I couldn’t
see anything in front of me. Then we counted down I saw the number
showing on the sky tower then everyone counted down “10” “9”
“8”“7” “6” “5” “4” “3” “2” “1” then boom!!! Fireworks went
around the sky tower.  There was 3,000 fireworks exploding all
around the sky tower I was really amazed of how many fireworks
came from the sky tower.

I smelled lots of smoke the smell wasn't good for us and the
smoke was like someone was firing a cannonball.  I felt like
someone was throwing a smoke bomb.

I heard lots of people getting excited to see all the fireworks I
was very surprised of how many people came to see the fireworks.
It was very loud. When we all counted down to zero loud fireworks
were coming out of the Sky Tower.   

Then the next day my mum was on her facebook page and one of
her friends posted the video of the the tallest building in Taiwan.
The people in Taiwan call that building 101.  They counted from
“10” “9” “8” “7” “6” “5” “4” “3” “2” “1” in Chinese then
amazing fireworks blast out into the sky it was so amazing.

I felt happy to go there and to watch fireworks out of two tall
building also I very sleepy so I got home and went to bed.   

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

soccer and cricket

Soccer and cricket.

For two years I been playing soccer and for three years I been
playing cricket this year is my third year.  Soccer and cricket are
really fun to play.  

When I play soccer I go to defence and sometimes I get board
just standing there waiting for the ball to come to me.  My soccer
team is called the incredibles we were undefeated but we only draw
1 game and the rest of the games we won.  We entered one
tournament it was really hard.  In one of my games I scored a goal
from halfway it was extremely amazing.  Sometimes I go in midfield
or attack, the soccer club I play for is ouhuna mangey.  There was
cool soccer gear. We were in division 2b so at the end of the season
we got team of the year and in 2016 my soccer team was called the
minions and we got team of the year.  One time I played when It
was extremely foggy I
was like blind.

I like playing cricket at Eden rockel cricket club.  I play up one grade
and I got into davishion 6A my cricket team is called sundu.  We have
three goshes and also one person and he is plays for the Auckland
aces. I’m a all-rounda also and I’m a fast bowler.  Our team is really
good.  I also played for the western district cricket team and the
team is also good.  When I was batting I nick the ball all the
way to the boundary but sadly I only played one western district
game. The week before our first game we had a protist game we
did it because they thought some new rules for next year, year 6.
 My team had to say a opinion about that game.

Cricket and soccer are both really fun to play you can make new fit
and healthy.  Soccer is monthly played in the winter because it’s gold
and freezing so you have to do a lot of running otherwise if you play
in the summer you will get really hot and exhausted but it is possible
to play in summer. Cricket is played in the summer because you don’t
get to hot but you get tired a lot if you want to play in the winter you
will be freezing and cold you will get really freezing when you are
fielding.  So soccer and cricket are played at different session.

I really like playing cricket and soccer I enjoy playing with some
of my friends and making a lot of new friends.

Thursday, 14 December 2017

possum trap

1.  red light pops up and go's up then down.
2.  then pull the camera.
3.  the net will come down.